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Interpretation Services

Now Influence Your Audience With Good Speeches By Our Prestigious Interpretation Services

The interpretation services of upcoming Language Mode offers a wide variety of services. The sudden surge in the language interpretation is the result of ever expansion of multi-lateral ties between the companies within a country and outside.

The Language Mode offers interpretation services in various verticals such as commercial, legal, medical, scientific and technical. Our interpreters offer expert services for national and foreign languages.

Language Mode deals in the following types of Language Interpretation Services:

  • Consecutive Interpretation: This type of interpretation is commonly preferred in one-to-one or small group settings. Interpreters assist the individuals or group to communicate by interpreting the discussions in the targeted language. Language Mode provides consecutive Language Interpretation services in over 100 languages.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation/ Real Time Interpretation: This type of interpretation services is usually required in large conferences or meetings. In this type of setting, interpreters sit in sound proof cabins and need to interpret the discussion. This further has to be communicated over microphones which enables audience to hear through headphones.

Telephone Interpretation: Language Mode offers telephonic or Over-The-Phone (OPI) services in over more than 100 languages. Language Mode uses a network of overseas and at home interpreters for OPI services.

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